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With the advent of technological advancements, Android has become one of the most prominent Operating systems reaching over 1 Billion users. Statistics show that over 80% of Smartphones depend on Android for offering a seamless Operating system. This is why we have more mobile applications in the Google Play Store rather than an App store.

With such an incredible market reach and growth prospects, a customized Android application will do wonders for your brand. It would generate more leads, establish your brand authority, increase sales and revenue in the long term. Hire Android developers from a reputed Android application development company in Sydney like Appstellar Apps to make the best out of Android apps.

Android’s Market Reach

Featured Android’s Market Reach

When it comes to reaching, Android surpasses every other operating system. It is widely available on various smartphones. It’s astonishing to note that 84% of the market share for Smartphones is occupied by Android alone. It has a world-class setup that provides that extra economic edge worldwide. This means that you have over 2 billion potential users for your Android application. Isn’t that amazing? Think of all the customers you could convert and establish a long-term relationship!

An Affordable Solution

Featured An Affordable Solution

Developing an application for Android is more affordable when compared to other Operating systems. Since the SDK is provided by the company, the major expenses involve app testing and deploying. You don’t need to make a big investment here. Even with a lower investment, Android apps bring a higher chance of Generating ROI to make your project more profitable.

Tailor-made apps for every Target Group

Featured Tailor-made apps for every Target Group

We know that iOS applications are mainly focused on premium users with a higher income index. This puts a limitation on their sales, customer reach and business expansion. With Android mobile apps, your brand can reach all types of income groups, creating more room for growth and expansion of your enterprise. You can explore new markets and develop a loyal customer base for your brand.

Adapting to Social Media Platforms

Featured Adapting to Social Media Platforms

The best Android applications integrate with Social media platforms to provide users with additional features. The process for this is quite simple. For example: Gmail is widely used for meeting Email requirements and Android is one of the biggest users of Gmail. With various social media platforms, we can create a seamless signup/login process for ensuring a smooth app functionality. Most android apps provide you login access through Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram.

Adaptability and Customization

Featured Adaptability and Customization

When Android becomes an open-source project, it offers several advantages to Google’s mobile division like installing updates and unique features as per your requirements. We follow a seamless strategy to fix errors, enhance functionality and performance and install regular updates. Google Playstore lets users leave a review or feedback about the app. This is useful for improving the app’s performance or features in the next update.


Partner with Experts

It is crucial to avail of Android app development services from a reliable and experienced Android mobile app development company. With the right team, you can save unnecessary expenses and create a cutting-edge mobile app at an affordable price. In order to successfully launch your app in the Google play store, you need a team who can leverage years of experience into custom-made solutions. Appstellar Apps is a renowned Android app development company Australia, we are excited to work with you and deliver a customized android app. Hire remote developers from our team now. Contact us for more details.

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