Augmented Reality App Development

In the past, we could only imagine some things. Today, with augmented reality, your imaginations can now be brought to life.Augmented reality is simply adding computer-generated sensory input, to enhance real-life or physical elements. This could be either direct or indirect, and it makes use of several inputs such as; GPS data, sound, graphics, videos, and so on. All the real world objects are added using the camera of the user’s device

Augmented Reality has slowly crept into the modern world with several improvements, cutting into various spheres of life. Business is beginning to value the effects of augmented reality on user’s and are beginning to adopt it into their strategies.

For a business to grow, it is vital to reinvent your brand by following the new
technologies and applying them to your marketing strategies:

Gaming Development

Featured Gaming Development

Pokemon Go! is the clearest example of how easy an AR Game can go viral and make a load of money. AR Gaming possesses many advantages to normal gaming and a few benefits include:

  • Engaging content is presented to the target market, resulting in the ability to go viral and increasing user engagement level.
  • The sheer innovation will enhance users’ desire to share their creation, and the fact that the content is personalized.
  • Augmented reality gaming apps will allow users to create an entertaining gaming experience that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to create themselves. The element of surprise achieved when sharing such content adds to entertaining viewing by other users.


Featured Archaeology

Over the years, there have been some achievements in archaeology, and this is due to deep research, and the input of Augmented Reality.

With Augmented reality, an archaeologist has been able to rebuild ancient ruins, having more insight into how old civilizations lived and made more documentation.

Architecture and Engineering

Featured Architecture and Engineering

In rebuilding and refurbishing, Architects have also hit a milestone with Augmented reality. It can be used to visualize proposed building, either in 2D or 3D. With the recent improvements, Augmented reality allows a see-through of architectural designs, to give customers a view of the interior of the proposed building.

An engineer can couple their machines with Augmented reality applications before they get to work. The error can be detected, and corrections made before the actual coupling of the machines. CityViewAR is one tool that has helped to develop AR applications that have helped architects, engineers and construction workers over the years.


Featured Medicine

Augmented reality is important in modern day surgeries. It provides the patient’s records in a way the doctors cannot only understand but enjoy. Virtual X-ray view based on previous computerized tomography (CT)or real images from ultrasound, visualizing the location of a tumour spotted in an endoscope video, or radiation exposure risks from X-ray imaging devices.

All these and more are viewed with the help of Augmented Reality. For expectant mothers, you can now view the position and size of your Foetus clearly; this is aided by AR application.

An Army of AR

We are just scratching the surface with the possible uses for AR technology. If you have an idea, get in contact with Appstellar Apps now so we can build your idea and have it thriving in the market with millions of downloads. As a business owner, even a start-up, it is advised to explore the world of Augmented Reality as this will bring drastic change to your business. With the constant development in Augmented Reality, more can be done in business and this, in turn, improves the economy of the world.