Cloud Application Development and Platform Services

Cloud platforms package all the services necessary to build applications, including database, virtualization and architecture services—easily and uniformly.

They can free organizations from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures and allow developers to focus on business solutions instead of the technical underpinnings.

Our cloud application-development and platform services help clients take advantage of the growing number of public and private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers, and prepare for the transition to the cloud.

Questionnaire Why Us?

Appstellar Apps helps large organizations and industry segments design, build, market and deliver services that allow key stakeholders to easily access applications from virtually any location, promoting increased productivity and supporting core business functions. We work with you every step of the way to help clearly define requirements and assists in providing you with a custom cloud rather than one-size-fits-all.

Our teams are able to provide a path to untie current business capabilities from fixed costs and limited technical infrastructure, to help your business reduce total cost of ownership.

We focus on analysing your current application portfolio for opportunities and use cloud technologies to re-platform or migrate to new platforms.

Questionnaire What can we do for you?

Appstellar Apps helps clients build, replatform and integrate applications on PaaS technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Heroku, Google and Force, with the following specific services:

Cloud-enabled application development

Featured Cloud-enabled application development

Leverage the cloud for application development to enable agility, speed-to-market and cost savings.

Data management and analytics

Featured Data management and analytics

Proper data management can reduce errors, reduce operating costs and mitigate risk. Appstellar Apps helps organizations approach data management in an integrated way, creating a foundation for analytics that can improve risk assessment and management, as well as demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration

As enterprises leverage SaaS solutions and start moving application workloads to public cloud, the need for the integration of the public cloud and on-premise systems grows. This solution leverages cloud-based integration technologies for integrating data regardless of where applications are deployed.

Custom cloud and migration

Custom cloud-application development and migration

Develop custom applications that leverage cloud application infrastructure and migrate legacy applications to cloud architectures.

App store

Featured App store

This solution applies the app store phenomenon that started in the consumer space to the enterprise, changing the way enterprise applications are provisioned and delivered.

App Migration

Featured App Migration

Cloud computing can help make your apps extraordinarily more agile and scalable.