Project Overview

The client required a simple and easy-to-use, yet interactive, event management application.


The challenges

  • Many people want to leave popular social networks, but are concerned leaving would mean no longer being notified about local events happening around them.
  • However, searching for trending events often requires them to use several different online sources such as: Google, eventbrite, to find event details: venue location, tickets, time and dates,etc.
  • This process is often time consuming and laborious for many people.


Our Solutions

  • Eventor is an app designed with a user centered approach. Event Listings are customised around the user’s Location and Interests.
  • The user does not have to navigate through numerous events before they find events happening around them.
  • Furthermore, everything the user needs to know is provided within the app including payment for tickets and in-app chat feature to enjoy peer-to-peer communication with other attendees sharing similar interests.