Market Research

To illustrate the benefits of market research reports, we talked to a variety of professionals who used Appstellar market research reports in their day-to-day work.

High Quality Analysis

Gather Industry Information Quickly

Benefits #1 Gather Industry Information Quickly

Max Robinson, Digital Marketing Manager at Aims Media Design in Glasgow, UK, uses market research reports to outline target audiences for clients before beginning any advertising campaign.

“Although we have a research team in place, we understand that there is a wealth of information out there that is relevant to our needs and has already been collected by another entity,” he explains. “Primary research is undoubtedly important, but in a fast-paced industry, we often need information quickly, and secondary market research is the best way to gather that information.”

Using market research reports takes much of the guesswork out of the process, saving Robinson “huge amounts of time.”

Validate Internal Research

Benefits #2 Validate Internal Research

Content Marketer Linda Pophal uses market research reports for her own needs, as well as for her clients. She uses these reports to research best practices, prepare RFPs, get ready for client meetings, and create content.

“Research reports save me time by providing insights into questions I might have but don’t have the time/resources to conduct primary research for,” she says. “In addition, I also find research reports can help me to validate information I may be gathering through primary sources.”

Get a Holistic View of the Market

Benefits #3 Get a Holistic View of the Market

Nick Braun, Founder & CEO of, also uses market research reports to double check his data. “We still do our internal analyses, but secondary reports guide our changes, and we look for ways to justify what third parties say so we aren’t myopic and caught up in our own data.”

In addition, secondary research reports help Braun stay up to date on the market as a whole. “These reports give us a holistic view of the market and allow us to benchmark all the companies in the industry, not just the ones we focus on,” he explains.

Use Objective Data to Make Informed Decisions

Benefits #4 Use Objective Data to Make Informed Decisions

Another important benefit of market research reports is their impartiality. “Any third-party report is more unbiased, and so they provide a better picture of what’s really happening in our market,” Braun asserts. “It’s the best way to stay on the right path because we focus on the data and realities of our industry.”

Armed with information produced by sound research methods, you will have a more accurate understanding of the market landscape, issues that will affect the industry in the future, and how to best position specific brands to drive business growth. All of this insight will lead to actionable ideas and better decision-making.

Benefits #5 Strengthen Your Credibility and Reputation

By using objective analysis to make decisions, you will not only develop better business strategies, you will also improve your own professional reputation in the field and help others to have more confidence in your conclusions.

Braun explains it this way: “Instead of telling a client or partner, ‘This is what we’ve found,’ or ‘This is what we think,’ these reports allow us to say, ‘This is what the industry is doing,” and it lends more credibility and trust by not always being the sole source of data and information.”


Navigate Your Business to Win

In summary, market research reports are without doubt one of the best tools to navigate your business to win more clients and maintain a successful business. At Appstellar Apps, our market analysts will provide in-depth and high quality analysis reporting for your industry which we guarantee will contribute to your successful execution and increased share of the market.


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