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Mining Software Solutions

Industry growth and innovation require a dynamic software ecosystem in the mining industry as well. Mining companies are exposed to specific challenges that exceed the capabilities of off-the-shelf software solutions. For this reason, we have turned to software developers for help in overcoming these obstacles.

We offer software development services, including the challenges and demands that these companies face and best practices for overcoming them.

We Offer

Real-Time Tracking Software

We provide custom software that performs real-time tracking and monitoring of fleet and transportation vehicles between multiple mining sites.

Equipment Performance Monitoring

At Appstellarapps, we offer software that can determine the performance of machinery and workers based on critical production parameters.

Equipment Allocation

Our developers can help you manage the allocation of equipment, workers, vehicles, and excavator. When you hire us for custom software development, we help you handle massive process information, including data compression and security.

Quotation Management

With us, you can also develop software that manages your quotation by including all the important aspects. This software will also support quotation approval workflow, the design of quotation documents, and the configuration of system parameters.

Schedule and Assign Task

Our software development can help scheduling and rescheduling jobs and monitoring various job activities. It also provides timesheet management for easy monitoring.

Why Choose Appstellarapps For
developing mining software solutions?

Appstellarapps is an innovative company with forward-thinking ideas on developing cutting-edge software solutions that can help you manage your mining operations. From automated blasting systems, top-notch loaders, and trucking software for hauling ore across long distances, our developers have developed rock-solid systems to operate any type of mine smoothly.



Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Our quality equipment software solution enables our clients to manage the use and scheduling of heavy machinery.

Cutting Edge Technology Experts

Cutting Edge Technology Experts

Our solutions are built using cutting-edge technology, which allows us to provide a seamless transition from manual management systems to fully automated solutions.

Cutting Edge Technology ExpertsCutting Edge Technology Experts


You can trust us to provide quality software for your mining operations, and we continuously keep innovating to make our software a perfect match for your needs. We will provide you with efficient software and the best-in-class service that you can rely on.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

The mining industry is a major economic driver worldwide, and Appstellarapps has developed some of the best software solutions to help you get your mining operations up and running efficiently.

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