Ongoing Development Partner

Cost is usually the first reason why CTOs evaluate software outsourcing options. However, it should not be the only reason. Nor should it be the most important.


There are many other benefits when it comes to establishing a long-term relationship with a software development partner.

Focus On The Core Business

Benefits #1 Focus On The Core Business

For most companies, software development is not their core business and having to manage developers is not within their core competencies. Even if it was possible, it’s sometimes hard for a small to medium sized firm to hire all the required roles for a development team. In such cases, leaving tasks in hands of a partner allows them to free-up time and resources in order to solve issues that are more relevant to their core business.

Benefits #2 Gain Access to an Ever-Evolving Knowledge Base

Writing great software frequently requires out-of-the-box thinking. Software development partners typically have heterogeneous teams with complementing competencies. Their addition to the team is bound to provide good feedback, new ideas and unexpected improvements to the existing source code.

Choosing to work with a software development partner is not only a matter of budget. There are many other “hidden” benefits which will probably add much more value to the business rather than a mere cost reduction. Even at equal or even greater costs, the expertise and specialization gained when outsourcing software to a tech savvy team (while freeing company time to really focus on the firm’s main goals) are key factors to consider.

Is this something that you can relate with?

Benefits #3 Cope with Rapidly Evolving Business Requirements and Technologies

Business and technologies evolve at increasingly rapid cycles. On many occasions, the development team must produce software in very short periods of time and using new/unknown technologies.

A trusted partner with proven experience and a good track record can help the team scale and build cutting edge software using the latest technologies, relieving the in-house team from having to solve every problem and/or master every technology.


Benefits #4 Innovate

Software development companies have access to many different projects, from different clients, in different industries. This generates a very favorable context for innovation since the development teams (who typically interact in open spaces which favour team communication) cross-polinate ideas, best practices and solutions from one project to the other. At the same time, it generates a flexible and open collective mindset which fosters creativity and innovation.

Increase Quality Standards

Benefits #5 Increase Quality Standards

It is very difficult to put together an in-house team that covers every need of the development process. The skills required are very different, often scarce and change rapidly as projects vary and the business evolves. A partner can cover many of those positions and be flexible in the demand (assigning specific required profiles during a particular time period granted by the project and reassigning them later). Furthermore, adding external developers to the team can be a great opportunity to improve development processes, introduce new best practices, and increase coding and quality standards.

Benefits #6 Scale Faster and Work with Amazing Talent Worldwide

Attracting and retaining exceptional engineers can be incredibly difficult. Building a truly outstanding team with talented developers requires a huge amount of effort. Outsourcing removes this problem almost completely while providing you with the best professionals around the world (depending on your offshore software development model of choice), allowing companies to scale faster and in a more flexible way.

Improve Risk Management and Project Controls

Benefits #7 Improve Risk Management and Project Controls

Risk management in software development is usually underestimated. By working with a partner there are two parties involved in the project outcome. This dual responsibility strengthens project controls as both parties discuss and agree on scope, estimates, implementation and deliverables.

At the same time, working with a tech savvy partner helps to set the right expectations from the start, greatly improving the project’s chances of success.


Benefits #8 Become More Nimble

Every needed aspect of the software development project can be handled by the partner. Things such as hiring, managing and/or training developers can be deferred to the partner. Professional software development shops will also have certifications, processes, security protocols and tools in place to kick off any project within a short notice. And they will be working with their own infrastructure, not adding fixed costs or labor contingencies to the company. Also, at a given time, the company may decide to shrink the team or switch roles and positions, or require a specific expert resource. When this happens, the partner will simply reallocate the unassigned team to a new project enabling the company to scale and descale based on actual workload.


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