• process-idea

    1. Your Idea

    We sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your idea is safely communicated to us.

  • process-consultation

    2. Free consultation

    A down-to-earth discussion to chat about your idea and how we can build it to perfection.

  • 3. Specification document

    We write down every detail of your idea and how it will work.

  • 4. Prototypes & designs

    We send you mock-ups and beautiful graphic designs of your app. This will be approved by you before we begin any coding.

  • 5. Development

    We begin development of your app and provide you with updates every week which you can view on your own device.

  • 6. Completion

    Your dream comes to life! We provide the app and/or website with full ownership of the code. We can also upload to the app to the Android and Appstore for you to make things easier. We will also provide ongoing support to ensure your project is successful in the market.