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At AppstellarApps, we work with leading retailers to leverage our experience and expertise to help them increase sales in both online and offline channels using cutting-edge solutions.

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Retail Software Development Service Provider

Businesses know they need a custom app developed to meet their goals, but that’s not enough for us. So we create a customized solution that ensures your success on all platforms.

AppstellarApps delivers robust, innovative solutions that can help you engage customers and sell more. We offer the most proven retail software development services because we craft custom apps on which our clients will depend for years to come.

We Offer

Custom Retail Solutions

Our developers at Appstellarapps build custom retail software tailored to specific business requirements. We also provide retail consulting services and recognizes the right technology to drive growth to your retail business.

E-Commerce Software Solution

We provide end-to-end eCommerce solution development services that improve customer engagement, provide high-level analytics for decision-making, and add seamless payment options.

Get Inventory Management Solution

Our experienced developers create intelligent inventory management software using AI and IoT that tracks available items in inventory and predicts the requirement for a specific unit based on the customers’ behavior.

Voice Assistants

Our developers can develop AI-based voice assistants for retail stores that help customers get information about products they want to buy.

Customer Engagement System

We build a customer engagement system for retail businesses that retrieves data from multiple sources using AI and delivers a personalized experience to customers.

On-Demand Delivery App

Our mobile app developers also excel in developing an on-demand delivery app that allows retail businesses to trade their services or products online. Using the on-demand delivery app, you can support people get on-demand products at the doorstep when they cannot go out during the COVID-19.

Why Choose Appstellarapps For
Retail Software Development?

At AppstellarApps, We understand that every client has different needs no two retailers are the same. That’s why we specialize in helping small businesses to establish websites and mobile applications that reflect their core brand, resonate with customers, and drive sales.

Сonvert Customers Faster

Сonvert Customers Faster

We use various technologies and services to help you increase your website conversion rate, including dynamic pricing, location-based offers, product management functionality, secure and convenient payments, and more.

Achieve More Efficiency

Achieve More Efficiency

Using our e-commerce platform, you can facilitate integrations with customer support, payment processing, inventory management, shipping, marketing, product reviews, and analytics services to function more efficiently.

Maintain Inventory Properly

Maintain Inventory Properly

Our inventory management solution empowers you better to manage your e-commerce business across all your sales channels. Always know which products are in stock and which will be sold out soon.

Reach More Consumers

Reach More Consumers

Our mobile solution can be easily customized to meet your needs. Our mobile app developers excel at developing custom mobile shopping apps and chatbots for messaging platforms.

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