Project Overview

The client required a simple and easy-to-use, yet interactive, event management application.


The challenges
  • It was a complicated challenge to manage multiple subscription plans for various games and sending the tips as per the subscription opt by the user.
  • Previously our client was sending tips using telegram channel. But all the users did not receive all the game tips, and the client was not able to manage game-wise tips to users and update the status of sent tips whether it's failed or not.
  • It was a challenge to implement a feature that can read the excel sheet from google drive and update the tips based on the datasheet.


Our Solutions
  • We made groups of different games, put them in a subscription plan, and sorted them according to the price offered.
  • We developed a system where users can subscribe to the games users want, and only subscribed games tips will be sent to users. Users can prioritize and filter the games.
  • Our developers provided options to admin from where admin can add google drive excel sheet, and get data using google API and update tips rating in the developed system.

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