Windows App Development

For the record, although it may not be as popular compared to Android and iOS, it is worth to consider further in developing your business and reaching more users. At Appstellar Apps, we recognise lost potential when we see it – and this is a market heavily neglected by many competitors.

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Some of the many pros include:

Microsoft devices being used in B2B industries

Benefits #1 Microsoft devices being used in B2B industries

You can easily find out that many companies use Microsoft devices and software for everyday work.If your app is meant for B2B industries and you know that they use devices running on Windows or Windows Phone, then it is a clear sign to develop your app for them.

Actually, while SaaS software is becoming more and more common, delivering software that is compatible with PCs (mostly running on Windows) and mobile devices, could be a big advantage for your business.

Committed and active users

Benefits #2 Committed and active users

The thing most Windows Phone users complain about is not its performance as the OS – it is the lack of good mobile apps and WP versions of well-known ones.

Targeting those users is easier for two reasons. First one is that they are very committed and active users once they find a good app. And the second one is really simple – there are fewer apps in Windows Store, therefore, it is easier to market an app there.The data from Microsoft Store shows that Microsoft phone’s users are willing to download games the most, but they also prefer apps coming under the Utilities & Tools category.

Growing market share

Benefits #3 Growing market share

This may not be huge but proves that – at least in some countries – Windows Phone is not dying yet.

Windows smartphones OS sales shares grew last year in Germany, France, and Australia. Although the market shares are very low, compared to Android and iOS ones, they show that Windows Phone is not over yet.

Benefits #4 Multi-platform amongst all Microsoft devices

Small mobile OS share seems not to worry Microsoft’s CEO.

In his opinion, all devices using Microsoft’s software are more like one platform and delivering the same user experience for the users on all of them is more important, than individual market shares.

He calls it “mobility of experience”. Piggybacking on this tactic may be a good reason to develop Windows Phone or Windows app.


Beyond Your Expectation

In summary, if you want to penetrate a market that hasn’t been utilised well by competing businesses, let Appstellar Apps do the work for you to ensure you hit the ground running.